ghost ranch 2016   

16th annual

ghost ranch plein air light & color workshops

august 28th - september 3rd,  2016

If you haven't experienced the magnificence of Ghost Ranch, just outside of Abiquiu, New Mexico, here's your chance! This was the beloved land that inspired Georgia O'Keefe for most of her life. The Ranch offers amazing vistas from the painted desert to the red and ochre rocks and buttes and the stunning sites along the Chama River. See and paint the Pedernal, Chimney Rock and other sites that O'Keefe made famous.

Ceraso will teach and demonstrate each day. You will learn how to simplify the landscape into its basic masses and develop your ability to see and paint these masses in pure color, going beyond just the value changes and seeing the full spectrum of color. You will learn not only how to capture the full effect of light in your painting, but also how to depict volume and atmosphere through color relationships. This week will be only the beginning of a lifetime of endless discoveries of color seeing and mixing!

Prices start at $925 for the week. This price includes room and board, three meals a day and the workshop fee.

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